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A unique investment opportunity for South African citizens through digital asset arbitrage

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What Is It?

Arbitrage is a form of trading that exploits the differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. 
The arbitrage trader buys the asset in one market and sells it in the other market at the same time in order to capitalise on the difference between the two prices.
Nikema Wealth’s arbitrage service helps South Africans to capitalise on the difference in prices of digital assets overseas and locally. Learn More

Why Invest?

In the recent past, individuals have made in excess of R150,000 in just a few weeks by use of their foreign investment allowances allowed by South African law.

What Do I Need To Qualify?

  •  You need to be a South African citizen over the age of 18.
  •  You need at least R75 000. ?

Source of Funds that don’t qualify:

  • 3rd party payments/donations (Donations from spouse do qualify).
  • Personal loans from a non-registered credit provider.
  • Loans from trusts.

Why Does This Opportunity Exist?

The South African Government limits the amount of Rands that can be transferred abroad by an individual.

Since digital assets are largely mined/created in foreign countries, scarcity of these assets in SA increases demand and thus pushes up selling prices.
This is therefore a unique opportunity for South African citizens.

Why Choose Us?

Capital Guarantee

We have confidence in our product and strategy and we are therefore able to guarantee your capital amount.

Strategic Partner Ecosystem

Strong alliances with trusted institutions offering low forex rates through economies of scale.

Proprietary Trading Algorithm

Optimal trade choices across a number of digital assets, resulting in increased accuracy; high speed trading; faster cycles; maximised yields and transparent data playbacks.

Personalized Approach

Our attentive team ensure a high degree of open engagement, process transparency and information sharing at every step of the client journey.

Competitive Offering

Low service fees and low minimum trade amounts create reduced barriers to entry for our clients.

Hassle Free

We ensure minimal client effort and complete peace of mind from the point of registration to the conclusion of trade.

The Process


Our web platform is designed to walk you through the registration process, making it as easy as possible.

Opening personal bank account

Our FSP approved intermediary will assist you in setting up a bank account at a licensed South African bank. This account is free to open and will not incur monthly fees.

Automation set-up

One of our friendly agents will be in contact with you to arrange a time and date for the set up of the automation leg of the process.

Arbitrage trading

NW will conduct arbitrage trading on your behalf and continuously update you regarding profits made throughout the process.

Enjoy profits

Sit back and relax while your profit grows.

Performance History

R 12 075 053

Total amount processed




Average gross return on each trade
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  • In August of 2020, Keshav approached me with a financial opportunity, he explained to me clearly the ins and outs, giving me confidence, and knowing him for years I decided to trust him and it was the best decision I could have ever made.
    Throughout the whole process he was very professional, looking for the best moments to trade and keeping me in the loop at all times, making sure I was very comfortable.
    Keshav made it very easy and efficient for me as a layperson, and I recommend his services to anyone. I look forward to see what new heights our professional relationship will take us as it has been very rewarding and advantageous.

    - Juhil Sooful

    I engaged with Keshav on my first transaction over a year ago. I’ve known him for years in a social capacity which meant that I was aware of his trustworthiness and outstanding reputation. Working with him was a refreshing experience, I was immensely impressed by his professionalism and passion for his work. Every trade was executed efficiently and with the utmost care and precision. Being a chartered accountant and specializing in the financial services industry for almost 10 years I can say with complete confidence that Keshav’s services have been exceptional and I look forward to a continued fruitful relationship.

    - Jade Daya

  • With Keshav in charge of my investment I knew my money was in safe hands. My returns were much higher than what I had expected. I would recommend Nikema Wealth to anyone looking to earn returns greater than the traditional means. The service I received was fast and efficient.

    - Byron Thomas

    Nikema Wealth was recommended to me  after mentioning that I was looking for an investment opportunity that beat the poor rates given by traditional banks. The returns out performed any of my previous investments by a mile! I would definitely recommend their service.

    Kshir Freddy

Who We Are?

We at Nikema Wealth believe that everything we do is to provide simplified access into the world of opportunity that digital assets bring. We are in the business of helping our clients attain financial freedom through crypto arbitrage investments. In so doing, our vision is to become the premier provider of choice for crypto arbitrage investments across South Africa. Together, we will achieve this vision through:

  • Investing in innovation to stay at the forefront of our trade;
  • Cultivating a culture of curiosity, learning and continuous improvement; and
  • Delivering an exceptional client experience based on trust.

And we will do so with people who value:

  • Integrity and honesty;
  • Service excellence; and
  • Pushing the boundaries of the status quo.
who we are
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About the MD

Keshav Mahabir

Keshav began his career as a Civil Engineer and Professional Project Manager, but found his true passion and calling in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Over the last 5 years Keshav has spent his days fulfilling his engineering role and his nights building his repertoire of digital asset investment knowledge.

Keshav started Nikema Wealth to fill a need in the financial investment industry, to provide clients with a high return, low risk investment opportunity that provides real-time profit through a crypto arbitrage service. Keshav’s passion lies in utilising his knowledge and experience to open client’s minds to unique financial opportunities. He believes in creating long lasting relationships which he cultivates through delivering an exceptional client experience and putting integrity at the centre of all interactions and decisions.

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Our Arbitrage Process

Our Arbitrage Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?

You will need:
  • Copy of ID Document or ID Card (Back & Front)
  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must be a South African Citizen
  • A minimum investment amount of R75 000
  • Proof of address that is not older than 3 months old
  • Tax number
  • Source of funds

What if I don’t have the minimum required amount?

  • You may take a personal loan, make use of a credit facility, home loan, overdraft facility or borrow the funds from your spouse.

 Funds that don’t qualify:

  • 3rd party payments/donations
  • Business funds that haven’t been paid out as dividends or loan repayment
  • Personal loans from a non-registered credit provider
  • Loans from trusts

What profits can I expect?

Profits of over R150 000 per annum can be realized depending on market conditions. In the past 5 years, gross profits have averaged in the 1.5%-4.5% range per cycle. This will result in a return of approximately R1500-R4500 per R100 000 cycled. Profit margins have previously reached up to 20% and reached a high of 8% in May of 2021. Our service is dependent on prevailing market conditions and these conditions are constantly changing, thus the client acknowledges that NW cannot guarantee that future results will be aligned with past performance. However, NW has a 100% success rate in obtaining profitable trades for our clients and we do our best to ensure large margins for our clients. Due to our profit-based service fee, we are personally vested in the success of our client, providing peace of mind and assurance that we are always working in your best interest.

An Illustrative Example: A client elects to cycle R100 000 and chooses to utilise their full Single Discretionary Allowance (R1 million) and Foreign Investment Allowance (R10 million). This means that the client can cycle a total of R11 million for the year, providing a total of 110 cycles of R100 000 each. Assuming an average profit of 1.5% per cycle after fees, total profit for the year would look as follows:


MonthNumber of CyclesProfit per cycle at 1.5%Total Profit
January10R 1500R 15 000
February9R 1500R 15 000
March10R 1500R 15 000
April9R 1500R 15 000
May9R 1500R 15 000
June9R 1500R 15 000
July9R 1500R 15 000
August9R 1500R 15 000
September9R 1500R 15 000
October9R 1500R 15 000
November9R 1500R 15 000
December9R 1500R 15 000
Total110 R 165 000

A traditional investment that yields 6% per annum will result in a total return of R6 108 on a R100 000 investment over a period of one year. A crypto arbitrage investment that yields 1.5% per cycle will result in a total return of R165 000 on a R100 000 investment over a period of one year.

This illustrative example is based on the use of a client's full FIA. The total FIA used in a calendar year is dependent on SARS processing times.

What are SDA and FIA?

SDA (Single Discretionary Allowance) - It is an allowance up to an overall limit of R1 million per calendar year, available to each South African adult resident (above 18 years old) to send offshore. This amount refreshes on the first day of each new year.

FIA - (Foreign Investment Allowance) -This is an additional allowance that amounts to R10 million in total per calendar year, available to each South African adult resident (above 18 years old) to send offshore. The use of this requires permission from SARS. Nikema Wealth assists with obtaining these clearances free of charge.

Am I required to hold digital assets e.g. Bitcoin?

Nikema Wealth holds digital assets on your behalf so you don’t have to, this protects you from the volatility that can sometimes be the nature of the digital asset market.

The instant at which your funds are used to purchase digital assets, NW takes ownership of that digital asset. At that same instant a separate pocket of NW’s digital assets of the same volume are sold - and ownership of the Rand amount is transferred to you. These buying and selling happen simultaneously and instantly.

This ensures that your funds are not held in cryptocurrency at any point.

What are the Risks?

  1. During the transfer of your funds to the foreign exchange (which typically takes 8 hours), the value of the Rand vs a foreign fiat currency e.g. USD could increase, this means that the Rands that you converted could buy more than the rate that you currently secured.Conversely the value of the rand could weaken during this period giving you a more favourable position.

    Since fiat currencies are very stable this isn’t deemed to be high risk. We further strive to ensure that spreads are more than sufficient to compensate for this risk.

  2. The second risk is the chance of crypto exchanges being hacked and funds stolen. However, the exchanges that we conduct our business with are well established, reputable and have no history of security breaches since inception. Further to this, we limit your exposure by ensuring that your investment is kept in digital asset form for a minimal amount of time (A few seconds at most), further mitigating this risk.
Lastly, service is dependent on prevailing market conditions and these conditions are constantly changing thus the client acknowledges that NW cannot guarantee the result of a trade. NW has a 100% success rate in obtaining profitable trades for our clients. Loss of Capital is extremely unlikely and thus Nikema Wealth guarantees your capital amount.

Please refer to the T&C's for more details.

What are the costs associated with opening my bank account?

There are absolutely no fees associated with opening, maintaining and closing the account. Fees are only paid to the bank per transaction made, and this is a flat rate per transaction. You may request bank statements at any time and the funds in your bank account earn an interest rate of 2.2% compounded annually.

What are the Tax implications?

Nikema Wealth cannot give tax advice, however since profits are entering your bank account, it may be looked at as income tax.

Foreign currency transactions may have taxation implications for you, depending on the current tax laws and administration, the nature of the Client for tax laws, the terms of the transactions and other circumstances. These are invariably complex and specific to each Client. You should consult your tax adviser before transacting in these financial products only.

Upon request, Nikema Wealth can put you in contact with an external professional to help guide you.

When can I expect to receive my money back?

The time it takes for all your trades to be completed varies depending on how much capital you are trading. Depending on market conditions, you should be able to get your capital and profits back in your bank account within 2 days.

Arbitrage trading allows customers to reuse their initial capital several times. As an example, if you are investing R100 000 and you would like to use R800 000 of your SDA, then we will conduct the cycle 8 times for you. Each cycle could take up to 2 days.

The higher your investment amount the more profit you will make as many of the 3rd party fees are fixed and not percentage based.

We will not execute trades in unfavourable conditions, we always endeavor to put our client’s interests first.

Why does this opportunity exist?

The International Monetary Fund defines South Africa as a transitional economy allowing us to impose exchange control regulations upon its citizens. This limits the amount of Rands that can be transferred abroad defined in the SDA and FIA restrictions.

Since digital assets are largely mined/created in foreign countries, there is higher liquidity in foreign markets than local markets, this means that there is a scarcity of these assets in South Africa. This scarcity increases demand, and increased demand pushes up selling prices. This is a very unique opportunity presented to South Africans.


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Why should I use Nikema Wealth?

Dealing with cryptocurrencies and arbitrage can be a complex exercise requiring a depth of knowledge on regulation, security, risk mitigation and market conditions. NW is experienced, reliable and is highly adept in this field boasting a 100% success rate in obtaining profitable trades for our customers.

  • Arbitrage is time consuming and labour intensive
  • You will be subject to the volatility of the crypto market as you will be holding cryptocurrency, NW will do this on your behalf.
  • We own a proprietary trading bot that optimises trades and eliminates human error 
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, the experience is hassle free
  • We have a wide partner ecosystem ensuring you favourable forex rates through economies of scale and we deal with third parties on your behalf
  • Our partner ecosystem include internal members of crypto exchanges and intermediaries 
  • We provide extremely low fees
  • We accept transactional amounts of R75 000
  • We are dedicated to fair treatment of our customers based on our TCF policy

What are the fees?

Fees are determined in a tiered fashion depending on your investment amount, you can increase or decrease your investment amount at any time by notifying us.


Investment amountNW fee
R75 000 - R119 99929.9%
R120 000 - R 219 999 26.9%
More than R 220 00022.9%


The arbitrage realises a profit of 5% after third party fees have been paid at a transaction amount of R150 000

Realised profit = R150 000 * 5% = R 7 500
3rd party fees* = Say: R1000*

Remainder after 3rd party fees:

R7500 - R1000

=R 6 500

NW fee:
= R 6 500 * 26.9%
R 1749

Client Profit:
=R 6 500 – R1749
= R 4 751

  • 3rd party fees are subject to change and may include, but are not limited to:
  • SWIFT fees
  • Market taker fees
  • Digital Asset withdrawal fees
  • Fiat Currency withdrawal and transfer fees

What is our Arbitrage process?

Our Arbitrage Process